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By Transamerica / Mar 29, 2016

Supplemental Insurance Costs Less than You Think


Spending small amounts of money on fun won’t break the bank and can add a lot of enjoyment to life. But you may be surprised to learn that supplemental insurance to help you prepare for the unexpected can be less expensive than some of your everyday indulgences.

A recent study shows consumers estimate the cost of life insurance as twice its actual price. For those not purchasing, 65% cite “too expensive” as their reason.1 There’s no need to pass up your next $5 cup of coffee, but you might be surprised how much insurance you could get for a similar price.

Accident insurance could cost less than your movie date.

For less than $16.86, the average price of 2 movie tickets in the U.S.2, you could pay a month of premiums for a policy that pays a benefit if you fall down the stairs during the closing credits. Pay as little as $3.12 a week3 for the peace of mind that comes with knowing a cash benefit will help take care of the costs your medical insurance may not cover, like your deductible, missed work income and other needs as a result of an injury.

Life insurance may be less than gas for your weekend trip.

Heading to the lake for the weekend? If you spend $200 on gas, food and entertainment, the cost dwarfs the monthly price of a term life insurance premium, which can cost $1.86 a week for a $50,000 benefit4. Enjoy fishing that much more without worrying whether you need more life insurance to help your family.

Your aunt’s potluck dish may cost more than cancer insurance.

As much as you enjoy Aunt Helen’s potato salad at a Sunday potluck, you can’t help feeling nervous when she discusses cancer treatments with Aunt Betsy…and Uncle Stu…and Cousin Janey. For less than Aunt Helen spent5 on her ingredients, why not get your first month of cancer insurance for as little as $3.68 a week?6 The extra protection can help you feel better about your finances should you inherit a higher chance of cancer along with your mom’s perfect teeth and great eyes.

Get critical illness insurance for the price of pizza night.

Getting a couple of $10 pepperoni-laden pies for family game night each week may remind you that your diet could use a few tweaks if you’re going to wear those pants in the back of your closet or lower your cholesterol enough to please your doctor. While you’re setting up your gym membership, sign up for insurance for as little as $4.08 a week7 that will help out financially if a heart attack, stroke or one of several other covered critical illnesses puts you in a financial bind.

Compare costs for yourself.

Whether you purchase insurance from an independent agent or through your employer, learn more about what insurance products are offered by Transamerica.



1 2015 LIAM Fact Sheet, LIMRA.

2 2015 Annual Average U.S. Ticket Price, National Association of Theater Owners Survey, NATO.

3 Premium shown is for the Value Plan for AccidentAdvance®, policy numbers CPACC100 and CCACC100, underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA.

4 Premium shown is for the base policy for a non-tobacco user age 35 for Trans Select® 5, policy numbers CPVTL200 and CCVTL200, underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA.

5 Cost of ingredients estimated at $11.46, based on Hellman’s recipe for potato salad at http://www.hellmanns.com/recipes/detail/31353/1/the-original-potato-salad and prices for ingredients given at fresh.amazon.com on January 29, 2016. Price does not include vinegar, salt, sugar or pepper, all presumed to be on-hand in a typical home kitchen before preparing dish. Price does not include sales tax.

6 Premium shown is for the Value Plan for CancerSelect® Plus, policy numbers CPCAN200 and CCCAN200, underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA.

7 Premium shown is for a non-tobacco user age 35 for CriticalEvents® insurance, policy numbers CPCI0500 and CCCI0500, underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA.