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By Transamerica / May 27, 2015

My Child Just Graduated, Now What?

Graduation - Tips to set your child up for success

After years of studying and test taking, your scholar is finally ready to walk across the graduation stage, diploma in hand. Now the question arrives as to what career your child will choose, and how you can help. Consider the following tips to help your graduate as they enter the working world successfully:

Write, shape and edit.

Use your expertise to help your graduate craft their resume. Suggest clear and concise language that can draw employers’ attention. Check their resume for neatness, punctuation and spelling when they finish writing it.

Research, research, and more research.

Advise your graduate to read up as much as possible on the company to which they are applying. Learning the company’s history and mission statement could be the edge your graduate needs to net their first post-graduate job.

Encourage use of the Internet.

The Internet can be a powerful tool for job seekers. Encourage your child to set up a LinkedIn® profile with the most updated version of their resume. Take advantage of that and other job-searching sites to find job postings.

Broaden their network.

Encourage your graduate to attend job fairs and company open houses. Hint to them that while at these events, they should be pleasant and act professionally. Remind them to leave their resume with new contacts if the opportunity presents itself.

Practice interview skills.

If an interview is scheduled, suggest to your graduate that they practice their presentation with you. Encourage him or her to speak clearly, but with a polite tone and always make eye contact.

Look back to college.

Many colleges help recent graduates with job placement. Suggest to your own graduate that he or she refer back to their college for any potential job leads, particularly those that coincide with their major. Advise your child to join a local alumni group to meet new, professional contacts.

Be patient.

Remind your graduate that finding a job can take weeks, if not months. Patience is key, which your son or daughter should remember as they wait for callbacks or first and second-round interviews.

Don’t get discouraged.

Some job openings receive hundreds of applicants, which can lower the odds for those who apply. If your scholar does not land that dream job, be supportive and suggest they use their experience to learn and build from when applying to other jobs in the future.

Consider internships.

Internships can be beneficial. Not only can your graduate potentially work their way into a full-time position, internships also allow your son or daughter to see how they like the company. Explain to your son or daughter that an internship is a good way to check out a company to see if they want to work there long term.

And when they do land a job.

First of all, congratulate your scholar. Then help them read through material describing the benefits they may receive, such as health insurance. Encourage your now gainfully employed graduate to start saving for retirement by opening an IRA or participating in their company’s 401(k) plan if one is offered.

Without a doubt, college is a challenge. But finding a job after graduation can be an even greater challenge. As you suggest these career tips to your newly graduated son or daughter, remember to also be supportive of their efforts. They’ll need that as much, if not more, than any tip toward starting a post-college career.